Fast Weight Loss With Colon Cleansing

Imagine a small junk yard which continually takes in junk, without getting rid of any. Old wrecks, scrap metal, and broken appliances piled on one another until the wooden fence threatens to burst. Hordes of rats move in and funky smells of indefinable origin waft on the tepid breeze. This could be your colon, metaphorically speaking. You may be aware that your colon consists of the last part of the intestine, often called the large intestine. When waste matter isn't expelled regularly, it can lead to a messy junk yard. Colon cleansing can result in inches off the waistline, greater energy, weight loss, and an end to bloating.

What is colon cleansing?

Colon cleansing is simply the act of cleaning out your colon. Much like washing off caked on mud, colon cleansing products and foods break down indigestible materials and flush them out. While this brings to mind bad laxative jokes, most laxatives don't necessarily accomplish colon cleansing, and those that do tend to be rather harsh, more harsh than most people require. However, many good colon cleansing products exist as well as a number of natural colon cleansing regimens involving strict diets over a period of time, usually about a month. Aside from a clean colon, often just eating as healthily as these diets require can cause weight loss and increased energy.

Colon cleanse diet

Keeping a clean colon can be as simple as maintaining a healthy diet high in fiber and antioxidants. In fact, eating a lot more vegetables, fruits, and green leafy things can be pivotal in maintaining a good diet. Drinking plenty of water can affect a clean colon since washing something through the digestive system requires plenty of water and staying well hydrated aids in the elimination of toxins. However, simple diet may not be enough for someone whose previously unhealthy environment or diet has caused buildup in the colon. To get rid of that junk, simply spraying it with a hose isn't going to cut it. It has to be broken down first. That's where colon cleansing products come in.

Ingredients in colon cleansers

It only makes sense that if eating junk like processed foods caused the colon build up, putting something unnatural in to fix a blocked colon seems silly. That's why many colon cleansing products strive to work within nature using ingredients like buckthorn, goldenseal and psyllium. Buckthorn has been used for hundreds of years as a gentle natural laxative to help break down and flush out built up waste. Goldenseal works as an overall digestive booster to improve digestion, flush toxins and reduce bloating caused by digestive waste. Psyllium is a natural source of dietary fiber that absorbs toxins and passes through the body undigested to cleanse your colon.

What is the best colon cleanser?

The best colon cleanser would take advantage of the properties of the best herbal supplements to create a product that cleaned the colon effectively, easily, and promoted the most sought after benefits of colon cleansing, namely a skinnier waste, fast weight loss, better overall health, and relief from digestive troubles. Core Cleanse makes use of just those ingredients, plus a number of other respected and recognized natural herbs time tested and proven to help the body clean itself and promote overall better health.

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Excellent Very Good Good Fair Poor
Top Colon Cleansers
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1 Core Cleanse Core Cleanse Excellent Excellent 9.50
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2 Bowtrol Bowtrol Excellent Excellent 8.75
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3 Dual Action Cleanse Dual Action Cleanse Excellent Excellent 7.75
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