ColoGenix Review

Rated: 5.8 out of 10

As more and more people become aware of the potential dangers of colon cancer, it is not surprising that so many products are being introduced into the market which claim to cleanse the colon and help prevent this disease. ColoGenix is one such product. It is meant to detoxify a person's digestive tract - most particularly their colon. It is not only meant to clean out the body, but it is supposed to have many other benefits as well.

ColoGenix ingredients

The ingredients in ColoGenix seem to be a highly guarded secret. The main thing that is mentioned in any listing of ColoGenix ingredients, though, is that they are all natural. Therefore, they are most likely different sorts of herbs and similar ingredients which can be used to cleanse the colon effectively. ColoGenix is a pill, and can be taken once a day. Unlike many other colon cleanses, then, a person takes one capsule of ColoGenix per day. People who prefer knowing what ingredients are in the product that they take will probably not be happy with the vague listing on ColoGenix's label. Such people will probably prefer using a different - even more effective - product. The bottom line is that this product may work for some people, but not work at all for others.

Buy ColoGenix

Although prices may vary wildly with ColoGenix, it is available in a 15-day free trial. This way, a person can try it out and see whether or not it is effective for them. ColoGenix can be ordered online, and when the free trial is ordered it normally takes a week or two to arrive. It is not possible to buy ColoGenix in regular drugstores, pharmacies or other such places. Instead, it can strictly only be ordered online; those who wish to try it out should not waste their time trying to track it down anywhere else but on the Internet.

ColoGenix side effects

Like most colon cleansers, ColoGenix does have a few side effects. However, these side effects are not serious and do not pose any terrible health risks to the people who take it. The most common side effect of ColoGenix is a need to use the restroom more frequently. If this occurs, do not be alarmed; it is simply due to the nature of a product like ColoGenix, and is not a sign of anything adverse. Women who are pregnant should consult with their doctor before taking any colon cleansing product - including ColoGenix. Similarly, anyone taking prescription medication should check with their doctor before embarking on a cleanse using ColoGenix. Usually, the best benefits of a product like ColoGenix take three to four weeks to appear.

Does ColoGenix work?

Many people try out ColoGenix for weight loss purposes; it is meant to be used as a traditional cleanse, and people are supposed to take it as part of an overall cleaning process. However, some people fail to achieve any really noticeable benefits from ColoGenix; results vary widely from person to person.

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