ProShape RX Review

Rated: 5.6 out of 10

Have you tried every weight loss product? Well, now you can try one more. ProShape RX claims to help you lose the weight with the power of hoodia. But according to their website in order for ProShape RX to be successful, you will need the time and motivation to add an exercise to your daily routine. According to their website, ProShape RX has been reviewed by many doctors and herbalists. However if you read the fine print it is only two doctors from the United Kingdom and one herbalist.

ProShape RX Ingredients

ProShape RX says their formula is 100% herbal, it is not vegetarian. The ingredient Chitosan comes from shellfish, other weight loss formulas use plant fiber as a fat binder. The other ingredients in ProShape RX are hoodia gordonii and Phaseolus Vulgaris. Phaseolus Vulgaris is derived from white kidney beans. Hoodia, derived from a plant in the cactus family, sends messages to your nerve cells which convinces your brain that your stomach is full even if you have not eaten anything at all. Phaseolus Vulgaris causes a disruption in your body's natural process of turning starch into sugar.

ProShape RX Benefits

The people at ProShape RX tell you that by taking their product you will experience several benefits that may, or may not, help you lose weight. ProShape RX says that its product along with exercise helps shed unwanted pounds, but does not directly produce weight reduction. You are also promised that by taking ProShape RX you will have the benefit of increased energy, but there are no ingredients that address that concern. The website also puts forth the claim that another benefit of their product is ”sparkling confidence,“ however it's hard to quantify a mental benefit.

Buy ProShape RX

If you are considering trying ProShape RX you are probably wondering how much this weight loss product cost. We clicked on “Order Today” from the official website and it looks like the more you buy the more you save. If you buy a one month's supply each bottle is $68.85 and if you buy a twelve month supply the cost is $27.58. So if you really want to save money on ProShape RX you will need to make a long term commitment to a product that may or may not work for you. ProShape RX is nice enough to offer you free shipping to anywhere in the world but it make take up to thirty days to receive it.

Does ProShape RX work?

The real question is will ProShape RX work for you. While ProShape RX offers a money back guarantee they do not offer a free trial like most other diet products. While some people do experience weight loss with ProShape RX, others have experienced some mild but uncomfortable side effects. These side effects included having trouble sleeping and constipation. It seems like there are other weight loss products on the market that cost less and contain this same active ingredient hoodia gordonii, and with little to no side effects.

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