Acai Berry Select Review

Rated: 8.5 out of 10

Finding the magic pill that promotes weight loss and increases health benefits is a worthy goal. One such product, Acai Berry Select, claims to be that panacea of a simple and safe way to quickly lose weight. Certainly some of the ingredients, acai berries and green tea are healthful supplements and may be beneficial in a weight loss program. But whether the combination of ingredients and concentration in each tablet is sufficient to promote weight loss remains unclear.

Acai Berry Select Ingredients

Acai Berry Select

Both acai berries and green tea are the active ingredients included in the Acai Berry Select formula. Although the label and promotional materials claim other nutrients as part of the product, the specific details about whether these components are natural or manufactured is not defined. The antioxidant properties of both acai berries and green tea are the most important factors in Acai Berry Select.

Acai Berry Select Benefits

The acai berry comes from the Acai Palm found in the Amazon region of Brazil. Recent studies have indicated that this fruit contains significant antioxidant properties. It has been recommended for weight loss programs and has been found for some people to increase their energy and feeling of well being. Other benefits of the acai berry include improved digestion and skin tone and reduced levels of cholesterol. Acai Berry Select claims to have both acai berries and green tea in their product blend - which would be the best benefit. But are the benefits due to Acai Berry Select's blend, or the natural power of acai?

Buy Acai Berry Select

Acai Berry Select offers a free 21 day trial of the product however a credit card is required and is charged with a fee of about $100 . This charge covers shipping costs and new supplies for the period sixty days following the trial offer. Continual shipments are made every sixty days and automatically charged to the customer. Other purchasing options from Acai Berry Select include six bottles for approximately $150 or three for $100. The price of a single bottle is $49.00. The trial offer can be canceled at any time but it may involve trying to remove the credit card charges after they have been place. The customer is billed immediately.

Does Acai Berry Select Work

There is a difference between weight management and weight loss. Someone who purchases Acai Berry Select with the intention of losing a significant amount of weight may be disappointed. However, an individual who uses the product regularly and is of normal weight for their age and height may stay the same and therefore realize “weight management”.

The side benefits of using acai berry products for energy boosts and skin clarification are positive, however, the level and quantity of the natural berry may be insufficient in the Acai Berry Select product. There are no guarantees that a specific amount of weight can be lost or an actual level of energy gained and the affects may vary between individuals. Taking Acai Berry Select on a daily basis may slightly improve energy levels and therefore burn a few calories but for significant changes in weight and overall health, this product alone may not be the answer.

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