Acai Berry Detox Review

Rated: 5.9 out of 10

With so many weight loss products on the market, it can sometimes be difficult to determine which ones really work. The Acai Berry Detox product is among many that claim to be effective in diet programs by cleansing the body of toxins. The theory is that by using Acai Berry Detox, the excess pollutants and unnatural substances absorbed from eating will be flushed from the digestive track. After this process is complete, pounds are shed and the body is cleansed and rid of excess weight.

Acai Berry Detox Ingredients

The primary ingredient in Acai Berry Detox is a refined form of the acai berry. This fruit of the Acai Palm that thrives in the Amazon region of Brazil contains antioxidant properties and natural energy boosting benefits. Another antioxidant found in Acai Berry Detox that has become popular for its many healthful benefits is green tea.

Acai Berry Detox Benefits

The acai berry comes has been shown to improve digestion and to increase energy levels for some people. Certainly, the antioxidant properties of the Acai Berry Detox formula from the acai and green tea additives may have health benefits. Eliminating toxins, however, does not guarantee weight loss.

Buy Acai Berry Detox

A one month (free bottle) trial offer is available from the distributors of Acai Berry Detox and will be sent to the customer if they provide their credit card to cover the $3.95 shipping charge. A 30 day money back guarantee is offered but the card will be charged immediately. By agreeing to accept the trial offer and pay the shipping costs of the first supplements, a customer is enlisting in an “auto delivery” program. That means that every month, the credit card will be charged $88.00 (U.S. dollars) starting 30 days after the start of the trial offer. To cancel this service, a customer would need to speak with a representative or try to stop the shipments via an Acai Berry Detox website location. Trying to cancel and recoup credit card charges may prove to be difficult.

Does Acai Berry Detox Work?

Acai Berry Detox marketing claims that by eliminating the excessive toxin buildup accumulated in the digestive system weight is lost. The first question is whether an individual really has a high level of toxins in their system at any time. Just taking a small dose of the acai berry formula may provide some benefit in increasing antioxidant levels but it is unclear whether Acai Berry Detox has a significant effect on weight loss. Second, if the Acai Berry Detox is effective in removing toxins, is this enough to create a significant change in weight and will the weight loss continue with the use of the Acai Berry Detox supplements. Acai Berry Detox offers little to no information on whether or not the weight loss will be dramatic enough for anyone to notice, and if the weight will even stay off. Using acai berry products for increased energy boosts and improved skin clarification are valid however the quantity of the natural berry may be insufficient in the Acai Berry Detox product. Finding the right solution for weight control is an ongoing challenge and can be confusing with so many available choices.

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