Nature Cleanse Review

Rated: 5.5 out of 10

Ever since the benefits of colon cleansing through dietary supplements have shown benefits for people, many different companies have pushed products onto the market that claim to work just as well as the originals. Many of these products are so blatantly bad that our team of researchers will not touch them due to possible harmful effects. Nature Cleanse is one of many of these products. The Food and Drug Administration and the Federal Trade Commission are charged with protecting the American consumer from harmful products, but there are so many that they slip through the cracks of the government machine. That's where we come in, to help alert you and to protect your health from potential predators by offering these reviews that test the ingredients, quality, and company standards of products such as Nature Cleanse.

Nature Cleanse Ingredients

Nature Cleanse is yet another in a series of products that do not report any ingredients on their label. Even further, they do not report any instructions for taking the product safely. As a matter of fact, even though the Nature Cleanse homepage is intact, any attempts to purchase the product or the free trial redirect the user to an entirely different product altogether - ColoDetox XR. This product also has no ingredients listed and our reviewers are not brave enough to use themselves as guinea pigs and we suggest you not make any attempts at bravery yourselves. The loophole in the system is reported by CBS news as being due to the 1984 law that treats supplements as foods. However, even foods must have an ingredients listing but many products are getting to American consumers that do not.

Nature Cleanse Side Effects

The exact side effects of Nature Cleanse and ColoDetox XR are unknown as the exact ingredients have not been disclosed by the company and they are so new, hospital reports may not have been sufficiently organized as of yet. It is a mistake to believe a product is safe just because you can buy it or just because the manufacturer claims that it is all-natural. Natural does not equal safe. The Health Sciences Institute reports an average of 240 supplement related deaths per year. These can be avoided by using only known substances and by following exact instructions.

Buy Nature Cleanse

Nature Cleanse is apparently no longer for sale, although some retail stores may have supplies on the shelves. Attempts to purchase Nature Cleanse redirect to a similar website for ColoDetox XR. There is no company information listed. There is only a webform that asks for your personal information and a credit card number. Do not purchase products from companies who do not give you a way to contact them. The website has a video from YouTube of a newscast about colon cancer and some supplements that may help but the video has nothing to do with either Nature Cleanse or ColoDetox XR.

Does Nature Cleanse Work?

This research team will never know if Nature Cleanse or ColoDetox XR works or not because we know better than to ever take an unlabeled supplement with no directions. We urge you, for your own safety, never to buy a product such as this.

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Excellent Very Good Good Fair Poor
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