Bromalite Review

Rated: 4.8 out of 10

The makers of Bromalite have been marketing their product so extensively over the past year that it found our panel of experts before we could find Bromalite. Bromalite is both the name of the company and the alleged wonder colon cleansing product that is supposed to create energy, boost metabolism, burn fat cells with no exercise needed, and all while having the curious ability to reduce parasites and worms.

Before we ran Bromalite through our intensive testing procedure, we perused their website which provided a few laughs with close-ups of fanged worms juxtaposed with a beautiful woman enjoying a beach paradise while eating pineapple.

Bromalite ingredients

Bromalite contains several ingredients that come from usual sources of food. These ingredients neither have fat-burning capabilities nor any special properties to kill parasites.

  • Grape seed extract may aid in high blood pressure but it can't clean a colon.
  • Green tea extra is a great source of antioxidants, but it doesn't burn fat, clean a colon, or kill worms.
  • Papain (misspelled as papian on the Bromalite website) is an enzyme that may or may not aid in upset stomach.
  • Ginger root is no different and is also in Bromalite. The only other major ingredient is mangosteen extract which is widely advertised as a “super fruit” but Wikipedia declares that there are no proven health benefits and preliminary studies show that it may impair cellular function and prevent cellular respiration. Again, it is not clear how any of these ingredients in Bromalite clean the colon, lead to weight loss or kill parasites.

Bromalite Side Effects

In studying the ingredients in Bromalite, our reviewers have found that many may have severe potential side effects. While mangosteen is intended to prevent cellular respiration, the prevention leads only to dead cells and impaired bodily function. Grape seed extract may provide for terrific warming massage oil but the National Institute of Health says people taking it orally have reported dizziness, nausea, and itchiness.

Furthermore, while it does contain some antioxidants, health benefits are unclear. Also, the papain, which comes from papaya, may thin the blood and it is not recommended to be taken by anyone with blood clotting disorders.

Buy Bromalite

Bromalite is sold primarily online via its home website and several other ad sites. They prominently display a 30-day free trial, but many people miss the fine print which states that if not claimed in 12 days (just short of two weeks to further confuse consumers) then an automatic monthly subscription begins at $79.95 per month. They do have a customer service number but there are reported difficulties in canceling the Bromalite free trial. In fact, a quick look at the Better Business Bureau for Bromalite shows that the company has an “F” rating with 313 complaints, 79 of which they did not respond to and 18 more they chose not to resolve. Complaints included billing issues, false advertising, poor customer service, faulty delivery, problems with obtaining refunds, and deceptive sales practices.

Does Bromalite Work?

The issue of whether or not to buy Bromalite is a no-brainer. We didn't feel that Bromalite even deserved our tests but, in the name of science, we continued. They make outrageous claims that their product, composed mostly of ordinary food substances, can clean the colon and shed pounds while getting rid of parasites. We found that none of these claims can be supported and customer reaction corroborates our findings. Their poor customer service record and F rating with the BBB are clear signs to stay away from Bromalite and the Bromalite product.

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