Hydroxycut Recall: Why the FDA Is Recalling Hydroxycut Products

Another class of products claiming to provide quick and easy weight loss has been recalled by the FDA due to links between the products' use and damage to the liver. Hydroxycut products, which sold in the millions last year, have been linked to 23 cases of liver problems and at least one death.

FDA asks for Hydroxycut recall

The recall came on Friday, when the FDA warned dieters and bodybuilders--the most common users of Hydroxycut--to stop using the products immediately. The company that manufactures Hydroxycut, Iovate Health Sciences, is cooperating with the recall, pulling their 14 Hydroxycut products off the shelves nationwide. Purchasers can receive a refund at the store where they purchased their product.

Hydroxycut side effects and safety information

The most severe side effects of Hydroxycut range from jaundice to liver failure to death. One Hydroxycut user, a 19-year-old boy, died after use of the product caused his liver to fail. One received a liver transplant, while another is currently awaiting a donor. While these side effects are somewhat rare given the number of people who have used Hydroxycut, due to their severity the company has opted to practice caution by withdrawing the products.

Ingredients in Hydroxycut: Are they toxic?

Because the mix of ingredients in Hydroxycut has changed a few times since it went on the market, it's difficult to determine what exact ingredient in the formula might be causing the toxic reactions. However, one ingredient, hydroxycitric acid, has been linked to liver issues in at least one official study. It's likely there are still products on the market that contain hydroxycitric acid, but have not yet been recalled due to lack of evidence of problems.

Dietary supplements, unlike medicinal drugs, don't have to have proof of safety and effectiveness before they go on the market. The FDA monitors problems after the fact, and if the supplement seems to be causing serious side effects, will act on this information as they've done in this case. Unfortunately, just because a weight loss product is available for sale, that doesn't mean its safe, or that it will even help you lose weight.

Hydroxycut alternatives

With Hydroxycut off the market, many dieters will be looking for alternatives. Among safe, effective supplements that lead to dramatic weight loss are acai berries and hoodia.

Known in South America for years for its healing and energizing properties, acai berries are a bona fide superfood. Packed with powerful antioxidants, omega 3 fatty acids, and other heart-healthy and immunity-boosting substances, acai berries have also proven their effectiveness in aiding weight loss. Many celebrities now endorse acai berry products because of their effectiveness.

Hoodia, a cactus-like plant from Africa, helps suppress the appetite, enabling you to drastically reduce your food intake. Unlike other appetite suppressants, it doesn't have a stimulant effect. This combination of qualities has made it popular among dieters.

Acai berries and hoodia have been used for generations in traditional medicine. With this track record behind them, they can offer powerful, safe weight loss without the worries of dangerous side effects. Check out our reviews chart to find out which diet pills ranked the highest for fast weight loss.

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