Bowtrol Review

Rated: 8.75 out of 10

Bowtrol, a colon cleansing capsule, is one of many such products offered for sale over the internet. Bowtrol claims to restore your bowel movements to a normal, healthy two to three times a day, thus effectively flushing out your colon. The cleanse is also referred to as a detoxification of the digestive tract, most especially the intestines. The supporters of colon cleanses such as Bowtrol tout numerous health benefits that result from removing built up toxins from the body.

Bowtrol IngredientsBowtrol

The ingredients of Bowtrol, while effective, immediately send up red flags to the educated consumer. There is flax seed, which has been shown in limited studies to decrease bowel irritation and also aloe, which functions as a laxative. troublesomely, however, both cascara sagrada and senna are listed among the ingredients of Bowtrol. Neither of these particular items should been taken for any significant length of time - no longer than seven days at a maximum. There are no warnings present in any of the freely available Bowtrol literature indicating the very real possibility of severe side effects from continued use of these strong laxatives. In fact, the manufacturers of Bowtrol claim that it is safe to take every day, indefinitely.

Bowtrol Benefits

The main benefit of a colon cleanse is detoxification. Harmful toxins that have built up in the intestines are absorbed by the active ingredients in Bowtrol and purged from the body. With its combination of laxatives and toxin absorbing ingredients, Bowtrol will raise the frequency of healthy daily bowel movements, effectively cleaning out the lower digestive tract. In addition to this detoxification, Bowtrol claims to support digestion, induce weight loss, decrease bloating, and offers increased energy. The manufacturers clearly state that Bowtrol is safe to take for your entire life and that it will help with the function of vital organs.

Buy Bowtrol

Bowtrol is available for sale in several places across the internet. While the price is relatively conservative compared to similar products at $40 for one bottle and $105 for three, there is no indication of how long a bottle is intended to last. Users of Bowtrol are encouraged to start small and increase the number of Bowtrol caplets they take daily to as many as eight. Therefore, it is difficult to figure out if you are getting a bargain or not when all is said and done. Also, Bowtrol is sold through authorized distributors and by searching around, you can find different deals. It is possible to find sites selling sample bottles for just the cost of shipping, while others charge full price and offer free shipping of your Bowtrol caplets. There is also a 90 day return policy.

Does Bowtrol Work?

With the combination of harsh laxatives, Bowtrol will increase the amount of daily bowel movements. It is also possible that there will be initial, if temporary, water weight loss from the regular use of Bowtrol. However, the lack of warning provided about the dangers of overuse of certain ingredients can quickly erase those positives and replace them with negatives. Excessive and continual use of laxative products will cause dehydration, electrolyte imbalance and worse. While many colon cleansers include these ingredients safely, responsibly and effectively, Bowtrol's claim that it is safe to continue to take the capsules indefinitely eventually ends up causing more uncomfortable side effects than positive benefits.

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