Enuvia Review

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Enuvia bills itself as a three part system that cleanses the body's kidneys, liver, and colon. Enuvia Research, LLC, the company behind Enuvia, claims that the drug causes no side effects while cleansing the body leads to increased energy levels, speeds up metabolism, and aids in weight loss. Using Enuvia requires a three month commitment, as each of the three targeted organs is cleansed separately over a period of 30 days. Furthermore, the company recommends going through the process three to four times per year, which means a person's body is in a constant state of detoxification.

Enuvia Ingredients

The ingredients in Enuvia differ for each stage. The colon cleanse includes psyllium husk, oat flour, bentonite, senna extract, cascara sagrada, aloe vera, golden seal, acidophilus, rhubarb root, gentian root, and buckhorn bark. The kidney cleanse contains parsley leaf, sage leaf, dandelion root, cranberry, soy protein, golden seal, and cayenne pepper. The liver cleanse is made up of DL-methionine, choline bitartrate, inositol, beet root, golden seal herb, dandelion root, milk thistle, and alfalfa.

Enuvia Benefits

Enuvia is said to benefit the body by introducing ingredients that give each user a healthier colon, liver, kidneys. The company states that cleansing the digestive system not only contributes to weight loss but also gives its users an overall feeling of health. It is even claimed the Enuvia can reduce the risk of developing cancer.

Other benefits of Enuvia involve the maintenance outside of the product. Enuvia's claims are that individuals do not have to follow a special diet, fast, or change the daily routine in any way. The company also says that the product acts gently for most users, and many will have regular bowel movements while cleansing.

Buy Enuvia

A three month supply of Enuvia costs $49.95. Enuvia customers can also choose to join the company's autoship program, which mails a 90 day supply every six months for a $10 discount with each purchase. The company also offers a special buy two get one free deal for those planning on using Enuvia multiple times.

Does Enuvia Work?

The bottom line is, Enuvia is little more than an all natural laxative. The product is likely to do well at cleansing the body, but there is no scientific proof that this will in any way speed metabolism or increase energy as the company explains. Users will very possibly see short term weight loss due to the elimination that Enuvia promotes, but long term weight loss is highly unlikely as the weight loss is not sustainable without continued use of the product.

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