Slim Leaf Tea Detox Tea

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Slim Leaf TeaIf you need to lose weight, then you've come to the right place. Especially if, like most people, you don't want it to take forever before you start seeing results. Contrary to what some people want you to believe, the whole "you shouldn't try to lose more than 2 pounds per week OR ELSE" rule doesn't have any scientific origins. It's just an arbitrary rule someone made up a long time ago, for mysterious reasons that nobody knows.

However, because this belief is so pervasive in our society, millions of people use it as an excuse for tolerating sub-optimal weight loss results. Or worse - they use it as an excuse to give up on their diet altogether. But you can break boundaries and experience phenomenal weight loss success with the Slim Leaf Tea detox system.

What Is Slim Leaf Tea?

Slim Leaf Tea is an herbal blend of green tea and other botanicals designed to help you lose weight fast and clear your body of toxins that attract fat like a magnet. It can improve your digestive function, make your metabolism more efficient, and increase your overall health and wellness.

Ingredients in Slim Leaf Tea

Unlike other alleged detox teas, Slim Leaf Tea contains the best ingredients you can find and an herbal detoxification blend. All of these natural ingredients work synergistically together to give you the most potent weight loss benefits money can buy:

Yerba Mate Tea

The tree which yields the Yerba mate leaves is native to South America. Ancient cultures have been drinking this concoction for ages, suspecting that it has health benefits (but until recently, nobody knew exactly how much). Thanks to recent scientific discoveries, however, we now know that Yerba mate is great for suppressing unhealthy food cravings, improving digestion, and even enhancing cognitive function.

Sencha Green Tea

Sencha green tea contains some of the highest antioxidant content of any other green tea available today. Japanese farmers wait all winter long to harvest the leaves, which means the plant has more time to develop a robust nutrient profile. Sencha leaves also contain a lesser amount of caffeine than most green tea, giving you the energy you need without the bad side effects of a caffeine overdose.

Oolong Tea

Oolong Green tea is the Chinese cousin to the traditional Japanese variety. Like sencha, its dark appearance is a strong signal that it contains a high concentration of antioxidants and flavanols. It can also help Boost energy levels and make it easier for your metabolism to burn fat.


Spearmint is one of the many ingredients in Slim Leaf Tea that makes it taste amazing compared to other, inferior detox teas. Spearmint is also helpful if you have particularly frequence digestive problems (especially nausea).


Lemongrass extract is great both for weight loss as well as detoxing your body. It's full of cancer-fighting antioxidants which specifically target the cells of your digestive system. drinking herbal teas which contain lemongrass before a meal will help fill you up and make it so that you consume fewer calories. Lastly, lemongrass makes your entire system more efficient at burning fat by reducing the amount of chronic inflammation in your body. This is important because recent scientific discoveries have suggested that gut inflammation is a major contributor towards slow metabolism and weight gain.

Orange Peel

If orange peel extract isn't a part of your current weight loss plan, then it should be. It's an excellent way to add flavor to your beverages without increasing the calorie count. Lemongrass also contains pectin, which helps regulate blood sugar and makes you feel fuller, for longer.

Siberian Ginseng Root

Traditional uses for Siberian ginseng typically revolve around its ability to boost your immune system and protect you from colds and viruses. Siberian ginseng can also help you fight off the fatigue which usually accompanies calorie restriction, while reducing the anxiety that would otherwise trigger you to seek relief from sugary foods.


Hawthorn berry extract helps your body flush out toxins by invigorating your kidneys. Through enhanced kidney function, Hawthorn extract eliminates excess fluid that would otherwise make you feel bloated and heavy. Some believe the sweet taste also triggers the part of the brain that gets satisfied when you eat sugar, which not only reduces anxiety but prevents you from indulging your high-calorie sweet tooth.


Senna extract is great for anyone who is concerned about their gut health. Not only does it flush out the toxins which help bad bacteria flourish in your colon, but it helps your digestive system absorb more nutrients by increasing your regularity.


The best way to avoid spoiling your diet and binging on your cheat days is to eliminate as much anxiety from your life is possible. not only does Lotus Leaf do just that, but when you pair it with healthy protein, it effectively blocks new fat deposits from forming in your body.

Evaluating the Effectiveness Of Slim Leaf Tea

Slim Leaf Tea is the best solution for anyone who wants to start their diet off strong with fast, noticeable results while also clearing fat-friendly toxins out of their body. With just one cup of tea in the morning for 14 consecutive days, you can lose weight quickly and feel healthier than you have in years.

Buy Slim Leaf Tea

Because the manufacturers of Slim Leaf Tea want to offer their customers a high quality product at an affordable price, you won't find this tea gathering dust on some vitamin store shelf. Right now, you can get it from exclusive retailers (such as Amazon and for the low retail price of $19.99.

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