Total Cleanse Review

Rated: 5.5 out of 10

Even though the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Federal Trade Commission are charged with regulating dietary supplements, many feel they are not doing their job well enough. Every time a supplement hits the market that works, hundreds of imitators follow, leaving consumers confused and unsure of how to proceed. Such has been the case with supplemental colon cleansing systems. Where the government has failed, we have stepped in with an organized team of reviewers to help bring the truth to the general population. One product that we tried to get our hands on is Total Cleanse. We wanted to review its ingredients, quality, value, and the company's business practices to formulate an opinion worthy of listening to.

Total Cleanse Ingredients

Total Cleanse subverted our attempts to review it right from the beginning. Although there are a few ads for Total Cleanse out there, all of the links are redirected to one of two products, either Colotrim or Nature Colon Detox. Both of these products are advertised in a similar fashion by not listing any ingredients and by not giving any real information about the products. This is a tactic often used by companies with bogus products. They simply change the name, possibly change their address and phone number and put the same mystery ingredients under the new label. The National Institute of Health does their best to make available all supplement information, but when a company does not give the ingredients, this is unforgivable and the product should not be purchased.

Total Cleanse Side Effects

Total Cleanse / Colotrim / Nature Colon Detox products should not be bought under any circumstances. Without knowing the exact ingredients and without having instructions, it is impossible to know what you are putting in your body and what the negative consequences can be. You may think that just because they are on the shelves, that the products are safe but a NY Times report shows this to be false. From 1983 - 2005, in the U.S. alone, there were 1.6 million reports of adverse affects from taking bad dietary supplements. 251,799 of these required hospitalization and there were 230 deaths related to supplement intake. This can be avoided by avoiding products without specific labeling and by educating yourself on the ingredients.

Buy Total Cleanse

Total Cleanse is officially off the market, but some stores may have a back stock. All the company's links are now redirected to Nature Colon Detox and Colotrim. Nature Colon Detox gives an address in the country of Cyprus and Colotrim provides only a toll free number. No details are given about the company and their single-page websites are filled with lies such as “#1 selling product in the U.S.” and false stories leading one to think they have been supported by mainstream media. Both products offer a free trial that is undoubtedly linked to a subscription service. There are no testimonials available of anyone actually reaching customer service.

Does Total Cleanse Work?

Total Cleanse does not work. If it did, it would still be on the market. There is no doubt that Nature Colon Detox and Colotrim are just as ineffective. Their websites provide either very little information or blatant lies and all of these products should be avoided. It may be wise to contact the FDA and the FTC to try and get them pulled off the market before they can do harm to anyone.

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