Calorad Review

Rated: 5.5 out of 10

Calorad is advertised as a new breakthrough protein supplement which helps people lose fat and inches. Calorad also claims that it provides a chain of amino acids that help the body restore collagen, assist in rebuilding lean muscle and you lose weight along with boosting your energy and stamina. Calorad supposedly makes you feel better, so you become more active and burn more fat. Calorad says it can do all that without exercising.

Calorad review

Calorad is a liquid supplement that advertises you can lose weight while you sleep. The company claims the formula works best when you drink it right before bedtime. The company also claims that you can lose weight without any effort and it will build muscle mass as well. The ingredients in Calorad are not ingredients that are found in other natural weight loss supplements; in fact the only ingredient that comes close to assisting in weight loss is the collagen hydrolysate, which is a protein that similar to the protein you get from chicken or eggs. Muscle mass usually doesn't increase by itself or just because a protein supplement is in the system. There must be some resistance training involved to increase muscle tissue. Calorad may advertise that it reduces weight and increases muscle mass, but the reviews tell the real story.

Calorad ingredients

  • Collagen Hydrolysate
  • Aloe Vera
  • Glycerin
  • Potassium Sorbate & Methyl Paraben
  • Natural Flavor Demineralized Water

Calorad cost

A one month supply of Calorad is $55 on the company website.

Calorad free trial

The company website does not offer free trials

Does Calorad work?

Calorad is very specific about not eating or drinking before bedtime. The company says food and drink interferes with the formula. Water is okay and that's it. Most of the reviewers who used Calorad said that even when they followed the instructions not much happened. The fact that less calories are being consume at bedtime could do more good in losing weight that the formula. Whatever marketing plan Calorad has in mind, the ingredients speak for themselves. Some people may experience some weight loss, but the reviews say that the percentage of people who lost weight is substantially less that the people who didn't lose weight or build muscle mass while using Calorad.

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