The Acai Berry Weight Loss Connection

Touted as the super food of the era, Acai (pronounced A-sa-ee) is a berry that comes from Brazil's Amazon forest. The berry is small and black, smaller than most berries you'll see. Most of the berry is seed with a little bit of fruit surrounding it.

Acai berry shares many traits in common with other berries such as the blueberry, blackberry, and strawberry. Only recently arriving in the United States, thousand of blogs and testimonials testify to the power of this berry for good health and weight loss.

Acai Berry Benefits

You've undoubtedly heard about the benefits of foods high in antioxidants, but you may not have heard which foods have the highest quantities and what the effects of continuous high antioxidant intake are on your body. Acai berries have the highest level of antioxidants of anything you can eat. Coming in distant second are pomegranates and blueberries, but Acai has nearly four times the antioxidants of blueberries. A diet rich in antioxidants promotes good health by preventing such problems as cancer, atherosclerosis, and other degenerative diseases. Many of these diseases have been linked to uncontrolled free radicals in the body.

Weight Loss with Acai Berry Pills

Customers are raving about how Acai berry pills cause weight loss. Acai berry pills as an herbal supplement reputedly boost energy, improve health, and encourage the body to burn fat at a much faster pace than it otherwise would do in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise. By taking Acai berry pills many customers testify of astonishing improvements in health, vitality, and weight loss. This may be linked to the high antioxidant content of Acai, but the simple fact that so many have seen acai berry work testifies that there really is something special about the Acai.

Forms of Acai

Acai comes in a variety of forms. Of course, the best choice would be the fruit itself in its natural form, but given the original location of the berry, Brazil, that isn't possible for the majority of people. That's why the market has been flooded with pills, powders, and juices derived from the Acai berry. The juices often go into a concentrated form, and the process damages and loses many of the vitamins and minerals of the amazing Acai. What's more, that means that the greatest ingredient of the juice, like most juices, is actually simple water.

Powders aren't much better and besides come with the inconvenience of a powder form which has to be put into something before it can be ingested. The pill form can actually be dried acai compressed into a pill format. Although that still falls short of the real fruit, the pill form can be highly concentrated so that a single pill contains the best portions of the fruit, rather than the difficulty of removing the pits on a dozen berries, one pill suffices.

Acai berry pills can be taken twice a day to give the body a continuous supply of antioxidants and at the same time a dose of more vitamins than a multivitamin and numerous other necessary components useful for good health. Look for Acai berry pills made of the real deal, rather than supplements that heavily adulterate the pill with other elements. Of course, Acai berry pills work best with a healthy diet and exercise, since they speed the rate of weight loss in that case.

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