Colonix Review

Rated: 5.7 out of 10

Colonix by is an herbal supplement that purports to be an intestinal cleanser. The product is intended to remove the toxins that build up within the intestinal tract, resulting in several claimed benefits. The manufacturers of Colonix recommend giving the product a try for full three months to allow the product to do its detoxification work. Whether or not any significant results will be seen during that time frame is a matter of each individual case.

Colonix Ingredients

Colonix is an all natural herbal supplement to a healthy diet. The product consists of three portions. Colonix itself is a fiber supplement. It is composed of common ingredients such as flax seed, alfalfa, peppermint leaves and fennel seed. Most notably included are psyllium husks, a popular source of powerful fiber, among other things found in any health food store. To go along with the Colonix supplement, the second step is called Paranil. Paranil is a capsule containing eighteen separate detoxifying herbs. These herbs include turmeric root, black walnut hulls, pumpkin seed and grapefruit seed extract. The third step in the full Colonix process is called KleriTea, a hot beverage intended to “kick start” morning bowel movements and encourage regularity. The tea contains chamomile, fennel seed, peppermint leaves, and a few other herbs and spices commonly found in specialty teas. All told, none of the listed ingredients of Colonix, Paranil or KleriTea are particularly exotic or hard to find. It should be noted, however, that KleriTea contains senna. Senna is not recommended for use for more than seven consecutive days, much less than the full three months the program is meant to be used.

Colonix Benefits

The claimed benefits of Colonix are many, as evidenced by various testimonials and graphic photos. The product claims to rid the intestinal tract of built up toxins, doing this by foaming into a gelatinous substance in the intestines and then being expelled, taking absorbing toxins with it. Aside from the difficult to quantify detoxification effects, users of Colonix have also claimed increased energy levels, disappearing wrinkles and most notably, weight loss. Though many testimonials that rave about Colonix indicate large amounts of weight being dropped, the manufacturers clarify that most customers experience more of a “flattened belly” than actual weight loss.

Buy Colonix

Colonix can be purchased online through the website of Dr Natura. One month's worth of the Colonix program, with all three steps included, will run $88. Free shipping, however, is offered for all orders over $60. Also, if you choose to buy more than one month's supply at a time, the cost of each Colonix pack goes down dependent on quantity, to as low as $55 a pack if you buy four.

Does Colonix Work?

Due to its high fiber content, especially the inclusion of psyllium, Colonix will certainly cause some sort of result. The ingredients in Colonix, Paranil and KleriTea will definitely get the digestive system moving and quite a bit will be expelled. This probably explains much of the “flat belly” results claimed by Dr Natura. As far as weight loss and increased energy go, however, that has more to do with the restrictive prescribed diet than it does the cleanse itself. In order for the Colonix program to work effectively and safely, a specific diet must be strictly followed. In fact, if it is not, cramping and constipation are likely to result. Since the diet is part and parcel of the Colonix program, it is more likely that those experiencing weight loss and increased energy are simply benefiting from a more balanced method of eating. However, looking, feeling and acting healthier is a benefit, no matter the specific cause.

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