Fast Weight Loss Methods

Vigorous exercise, colon cleanses, special diets, and diet supplements--all these are common and often effective weight loss methods. Depending on how fast you need to lose weight, and how your system responds to different fast weight loss methods, one or more of these approaches might be just what you need to jumpstart fast weight loss.

Fast weight loss methods that include exercise will leave your body healthier, firmer, and leaner than weight loss without exercise, so be sure to include a high-quality workout in your fast weight loss program.

Weight loss method: diet

Weight loss methods that include diets are formulated specifically for fast weight loss, and almost any diet will lead to fast weight loss at the beginning. Some diets for fast weight loss include short-term fasting diets, detox diets, and diets focusing on increasing the metabolism.

Though it seems strange, diets that encourage eating five to six small meals every day can increase your metabolism and lead to fast weight loss. Smaller meals help your body work more efficiently, so food is digested more quickly and more thoroughly. No longer bogged down by large, heavy meals, your digestive system is able to function in a more normal manner.

Weight loss method: diet pills or supplements

One weight loss method is often more successful when combined with other weight loss methods like diet pills and supplements. Several types of diet pills for fast weight loss are available. Some popular options include fat burning supplements, appetite suppressants, and pills to assist with detoxification and cleansing.

Fat burning supplements can help you with fast weight loss, but this weight loss method may contain stimulants that can cause you to be edgy, jumpy, or make it hard to sleep. Acai berry supplements are helpful to increase your energy and metabolism without stimulants.

Weight loss methods that include an appetite suppressant such as hoodia has had much reported success. Hoodia can actually help reduce hunger cravings and thus reduce your food intake -- this makes for fast weight loss. Hoodia also works without any stimulant effect.

A cleansing supplement, particularly one that encourages colon cleansing, can result in fast weight loss of as much as five to ten pounds. This kind of cleansing can remove toxins and waste from your colon that has lingered there for some time, helping improve your overall health and well-being.

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