Why Can't I Lose Weight?

Many people wonder why they can't seem to lose weight. Rather than the last five pounds, some people have been through diet after diet and still find themselves 20, 50, or even 100 lbs overweight. Stress, seesaw dieting practices, and overall poor diet can all be factors in a person's seemingly eternal struggle for slimness. Although not everyone shares the same problems, a few difficulties seem culture wide.


Universally, people feel stress. In fact, stressing about weight gain might be making you weigh more! A person's reaction to stress could lead to a variety of poor eating habits, but for many, the internal reactions of their body set them up for failure in any weight loss venture. The body's fight or flight response reacts as though it is about to run a marathon with a hungry grizzly chasing it. Naturally, it wants all the energy it can come up with. This translates directly into signals to store food in fat, boost blood flow, and crave high energy and high sugar products. Over a period of time, this translates into food cravings, binge eating, and obesity. Aside from the physical aspects of stress, many people let their health slide when they are stressed, skipping out on that exercise session or getting take out because they don't have time for dinner. This tendency only worsens the situation.


Another common problem can be low metabolism. The body's metabolism gets set by eating habits and genetics. If the person tends to eat often in small portions, the body never feels the need to store up fat for a famine, but if the person tends toward fasting and binging, the opposite is true. This is bad news for the chronic dieter because every time a most people attempt a new diet, they attempt to starve themselves into skinniness. The body translates this as a crisis and writes up orders to store away every scrap of energy because if there has been one famine, there might be two. This translates into a vicious cycle of plummeting metabolism and skyrocketing pounds. Rather than harsh and intensive dieting, small changes in life style that will stick around will accomplish more weight loss in the long term and cause less harm.

Toxins in the Body

For some, it seems like every meal punishes them for putting food in their mouth and trips to the bathroom occur either urgently or without results. Indigestion, bloating, constipation, and weight gain may all be linked to a blocked colon. Although it may have been caused by stress and poor diet, a blocked colon now supersedes the reasons and becomes a problem of its own. Toxins from goo clogging the large intestine don't clear out as normal, but instead putrefy and eventually seep back out of the colon into the blood stream. This could be compared to an IV drip of poison. Never fatal, but a blocked colon will make the patient feel like they're dying.

How Green Tea Can Speed Up Weight Loss

For those who can't lose weight, chances are green tea can help. In simplest terms, a green tea supercharges the metabolic rate at which you burn off body fat. Not only will this enhance your weight loss efforts, but green tea also has countless other health benefits to help you look and feel great. Best of all, a green tea supplement like CoreTrim can cause rapid weight loss as the hidden pounds of fat stored in your thighs and abdomen --sometimes up to 20lbs -- literally melt away.

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