Three Paths to Natural Weight Loss

Natural weight loss involves three methods. Of course, using all three methods simultaneously will garner the best results, but each used separately will also create tangible benefits. These methods encompass diet & exercise, water, and supplements.

How to Lose Weight Naturally

Everyone agrees, diet and exercise work to lose weight naturally. It sounds simple, but sometimes the proper steps can be counter intuitive. Many assume that dieting means eating less, but in reality, dieting means eating differently, sometimes more. By upping the intake of vegetables, fruits, grains, and meats, while cutting back on fats, sugars, and grease, a diet can encourage the body to shed excess pounds over time. Just eating better might stop weight gain, but without exercise, little to no weight loss will occur. That's because a healthy diet is what a healthy person would eat as well, meaning that someone carrying excess weight can establish equilibrium with a healthy diet. Dieting harsh enough to cause weight loss without exercise most often fails to cause long term change and defies the definition of 'natural' weight loss.

Water for Weight Loss

Few people drink the recommended amount of water, but for dieters low water intake can be especially damaging. Water serves vital roles in toxin removal, digestion, and all the functions of the body. That's because water is the medium through which osmosis takes place, which means that any attempt to get energy out of the fat, which is how fat burns, takes place only when adequate water resources exist. In layman's terms, dehydrated people will tend to keep weight, rather than use it. Water intake requirements derive from a person's weight and lifestyle. For a rough estimate, divide your weight by half and drink more ounces than that a day.

Natural Herbs that Produce Weight Loss

Of the herbs used in dieting, cayenne pepper, seaweed, and raspberry ketones currently rank as popular supplements. Cayenne pepper contains a substance called capsaicin which works to improve digestion, increase metabolism, and burn fat. It's also the active ingredient in pepper spray. For those less brave, seaweed is thought to stimulate the thyroid, causing a natural metabolism boost. Raspberry ketones are the latest natural fat burner gaining popularity. Scientists discovered that raspberry ketones work by increasing the rate of lipolysis to increase the amount of body fat burned.

Other Ways to Lose Weight Naturally

Some herbal supplements work by artificially boosting energy to cause the individual to burn fat through action. These herbs, sometimes called thermogenic herbs, include green tea, ginseng, garcinia cambogia and the amazing acai. The green tea diet involves drinking copious amounts of green tea to stimulate fat oxidation and curb appetite, while at the same time flushing the system with large amounts of liquid. Ginseng works in much the same way, temporarily boosting the body to unusual energy levels and thus creating an environment where the user burns energy, and thus fat.

Garcinia cambogia works by suppressing fat accumulation. The hydroxycitric acid found in the rind of the garcinia fruit prevents the body from converting excess nutrients into fat. It also helps to stimulate a feeling of fullness and prevent overeating.

Acai berries, while containing some stimulants, contain a host of other healthy feel good substances. Acai berries contain loads of vitamins, amino acids, proteins, and fiber, essentially creating a balanced meal and vitamin supplement all in one. Acai contains a special type of fatty acid that helps you feel full and curb overeating, on top of all its other nutritional benefits. Intermittent fasting for caloric restriction has also been shown to lower cholesterol levels and decrease weight.

Best Natural Weight Loss Supplement

Rather than moving to Indonesia and harvesting garcinia, simply look around for convenient supplements containing garcinia cambogia or raspberry ketones. Due to their popularity, scads of products exist, although the purity and blend of herbs in a supplement will affect the results of each. Of course, even a good supplement won't replace a healthy diet, regular exercise, and plenty of water.

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