Fast Weight Loss Concerns

While there are various reasons to pursue fast weight loss, and many safe and even easy ways to do it, if you're losing weight you should be careful to be sure you're staying healthy. If you lose weight too fast, or don't consume sufficient important nutrients while you're losing weight, fast weight loss could compromise your immune system and leave you feeling tired, as well as making you more likely to catch a cold or flu.

If you're actively pursuing fast weight loss, but you seem to be losing weight too fast, or don't feel well, you might want to look at the root causes of your weight loss, and the method you've chosen.

Causes of Fast Weight Loss

Ideally, the causes of fast weight loss are related to your changes in activity level and modifications to your diet. If you've reduced your food intake and are avoiding processed foods and sugar, and you've started exercising more, these can combine to cause fast weight loss.

Other causes of initially fast weight loss on a diet program include loss of water weight. If you weren't eating well, your body was likely out of balance and retaining water it should have been shedding as part of its natural processes. Exercising and eating well helps your body eliminate this extra water weight, leading to fast weight loss.

Why am I Losing Weight Fast?

The cause of your fast weight loss depends on what approach you've taken: a boost in metabolism from exercise, a diet change, or a supplement that helps your body lose weight more effectively. A supplement like raspberry ketones will help up your energy and increase your body's fat burning ability.

A fat blocker like garcinia will cause your fast weight loss by helping you reduce the amount of fat your body stores, sometimes dramatically and without any stimulant effects. A detox supplement, such as a colon cleanser, causes fast weight loss by gently purging your body of lingering waste and toxins.

Diuretics and Fast Weight Loss

While diuretics, or water pills, have become somewhat common for fast weight loss, they're not the best choice. While diuretics can lead to fast weight loss, they simply cause your body to shed water, and can result in dehydration.

A healthy diet and exercise will also help your body shed excess water, but in a natural, gentle way. In fact, the best way to help your body get rid of unneeded water is, ironically, to drink more water. So if you're losing weight, be sure to increase your water intake.

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