Acai Berry Supreme Review

Rated: 5.6 out of 10

One weight loss formula on the market is Acai Berry Supreme. The premise behind the pill is that Acai Berry Supreme will flush toxins and other wastes from your body allowing the maximum in weight loss. Acai Berry Supreme is formulated to not only cleanse the body of such toxins, but it can supposedly raise a person's energy level as well by releasing the wastes from the body that cause constipation, bloating, and a series of other maladies.

Acai Berry Supreme Ingredients

The main ingredient in Acai Berry Supreme is the acai berry, a super food from the rainforests of South America which is rich in numerous vitamins and antioxidants. Just a handful of the vitamins found in acai berries are Vitamins B, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E. Acai berries also contain potassium, calcium, as well as a variety of health enriching substances. Acai Berry Supreme is also rich in iron and amino acids.

Acai Berry Supreme Benefits

There are many benefits to using the healing qualities of the acai berry. Acai Berry Supreme is advertised as basically being a capsule version of the acai berry. This being the case, Acai Berry Supreme should contain numerous antioxidants that will cleanse the body and help in weight loss. The inclusion of acai into a diet is known to promote a healthier lifestyle by removing the numerous toxins that people continuously feed into their bodies. The product is also rich in many vitamins and minerals that the human body needs daily.

Buy Acai Berry Supreme

Acai Berry Supreme offers a free trial bottle minus the price of the shipping and handling at $5.95. They also have a 15 day return policy in which anyone who is unhappy with Acai Berry Supreme can return the unused portion for a full refund minus the costs of shipping and handling. A month's supply of Acai Berry Supreme costs $88.62. This is the price through an enrollment program that the user is automatically placed within when they get the free trial. Enrollment means that Acai Berry Select will charge you the full $88.62 monthly unless you cancel.

Does Acai Berry Supreme work?

Acai Berry Supreme is primarily made from the acai berry which is known for its cleansing properties. Many people swear by the benefits of using acai berries as a daily supplement to their healthy diet. Acai Berry Supreme is one of the many products on the market that are made from acai berries. Reading the fine print of the terms and conditions provides information about getting a free trial of Acai Berry Supreme. It automatically enrolls the person into an auto delivery programs. The trial includes shipping time, so by the time a package is received, there may be considerably less time to test the product. The charged shipment comes automatically at the end of 15 days from initially ordering. Acai berries work in the promotion of a healthier body and mind, but there is a lot of fine print with this product.

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