Puristat Review

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The Puristat Colon Cleanse is designed to produce larger, more frequent bowel movements. In theory, this would help to remove the buildup of toxic materials from the intestine and digestive tract. Puristat comes in three different plans: mild, moderate and advanced, with the difference being the length of the cleanse.

Puristat Ingredients

The Puristat Colon Cleanse plan not only comes with the typical cleansing agent, but also with three other dietary supplements. The cleanse portion itself contains two elements called Cleanse and Restore. The other three supplements are collectively referred to as digestive support supplements. The Cleanse and Restore portions of Puristat contain some surprisingly harsh ingredients, such as cascara sagrada and cayenne pepper. The Restore portion contains aloe, burdock and dandelion - powerful laxatives and diuretics. No warnings indicate the power of these ingredients. The digestive support portion of the Puristat plan contains typical vitamins, minerals and herbs. These include vitamins A, C, B-6 and B12, among others, as well as thiamine, calcium and zinc. All told, the digestive support pills are rather comprehensive vitamins and dietary supplements.

Puristat Benefits

The 7, 14 or 21 day Puristat Colon Cleanse plan are myriad. Some of the purported benefits include the usual detoxification and energy level increase. Additionally, Puristat indicates that followers of the plan will lose “waste weight,” decrease both gas and constipation, and promises to induce a glow from those who are now “clean on the inside.” Additionally, the digestive support pills included in the Puristat plan along with the cleanse bring the claims that you may enjoy healthier hair, increased mental acuity and just all around more enthusiasm. Puristat's claimed beneficial effects focus on the increased healthiness of the body after it has been detoxified.

Buy Puristat

Puristat can be purchased online in the Mild, Moderate and Advanced plan sizes. Each plan comes with the same amount of the three digestive supplements, the difference is in the length of the Puristat cleanse. Newcomers to the program who have never experienced a colon cleansing before are encouraged to purchase the 21 day Puristat plan. The mild plan including the supplement runs at a cost of about $65, with discounts for purchasing the higher level plans. The 21 day Puristat cleanse with supplements is $144. Buying the Puristat cleanse alone, without the addition of the digestive supplements ranges from $50 to $100 for the various plan lengths. The makers of Puristat recommend that at least a 7 day cleanser be completed once a month, making the overall cost rather prohibitive. There is also a relatively short 45 day money back guarantee program as well.

Does Puristat Work?

Setting aside the fact that many of the claimed benefits of Puristat are not quantifiable (increased enthusiasm and vitality; for example), the strong diuretics and laxatives included within the plan will encourage 2 or more bowel movements a day, along with increased urination. Again, there is no warning provided with Puristat about the ramifications of taking these kind of herbs for any extended amount of time. Knowing that many people turn to colon cleanses for weight loss, Puristat does tout that benefit. However, as all serial dieters know, weight loss through the use of diuretics and laxatives is not only fleeting but inherently unsafe. While Puristat may provided temporary weight loss and the enthusiasm and raised spirits that go along with it, the results are most likely not permanent.

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