Weight Loss Tea: What Types of Teas Can Help You Lose Weight?

Since the times of ancient China, tea has been known in Chinese culture as a means of accomplishing natural weight loss. All tea comes from a single plant whose scientific name is Camellia Sinensis. Even though tea all comes from the same plant, the preparation of the tea leaves creates different properties in the drink. Weight loss tea is now sold in the U.S. as a surefire way to drop pounds - but how effective are weight loss teas?

Weight loss with green tea

Is green tea a weight loss tea? Green tea comes from the crushed and prepared leaves of the tea plant. On the green tea diet, studies have shown that a dieter who drinks several cups a day can burn up to 80 calories a day above the normal. This translates into about 400 calories a week, which translates into 1 pound loss every 9 weeks or so. Hardly worth the frequent trips to the bathroom from drinking several cups a day. What other teas promote fast weight loss?

Wu-Yi Tea for natural weight loss

Wu-yi tea pops appears frequently when searching the net for weight loss tea. Wu-yi tea, contrary to hype, differs only slightly from Wu-long or Oolong teas, both of which have similar weight loss properties as green tea. The name itself derives from the area of China the tea originally hails from. The hype promoting Wu-yi as a weight loss tea or instant natural weight loss cure is almost entirely false -- almost false because as mentioned before, green tea does have small benefits that have been scientifically verified. However, rather than focus on Wu-yi tea, let's look at its near brother, Oolong tea.

Oolong tea as weight loss tea

Oolong tea does appear to do more for the body than simple caffeine, the substance to which many attribute its beneficial effects. In certain studies, Oolong tea as a weight loss tea appears to cause the body to shed body fat in preference to other energy sources by up to 12%. However, 12% still doesn't net gains as advertised of more than a few pounds per month. In fact, Oolong tea can't really live up to the hype of weight loss tea either, despite that Oolong tea could be a beneficial supplement to a healthy diet and exercise for those seeking natural weight loss. As a weight loss tea, no tea could live up to the advertising of those hoping to make a buck off of gullible consumers.

How much weight loss tea?

Any weight loss tea demands the dieter to drink multiple cups of tea per day, often as many as six throughout the day, or more. Naturally, that much caffeinated drink requires an offsetting amount of water to maintain proper hydration, since it's a commonly known fact that caffeine is a diuretic. Given all these facts, the green tea diet has to cause excessive urination. Rather than visiting the facilities quite that often, an option such as an herbal supplement may create better results in a more convenient way. One popular herbal supplement that is comparable to weight loss tea is called Hoodia Gordonii. Hoodia intercepts hunger sensations from the brain, causing the body to feel full or satisfied for much longer. Hoodia supplements only recently appeared, but the plant has been in use in Africa for many years. Placed into a concentrated pill form, the supplement allows a dieter to curb cravings and stick to a healthy diet without the discomfort some weight loss teas may cause.

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