Water Fasting For Rapid Weight Loss

Many people, upon arriving at the conclusion that they want to lose their weight tomorrow or sooner, embark on a fast, sometimes thinly veiled as a crash course diet intended to promote the loss of dozens of pounds of fat by week's end. Among these crash courses, water fasting has some validity among natural health practitioners, but far greater and more far reaching effects than a simple diet. It is also more than a little dangerous.

What is Water Fasting?

Fasting is the practice of deliberately denying yourself of food and water for a period ranging from a single day to the miraculous fasts of the old testament that lasted up to 40 days. The modern water fast actually lasts anywhere from a few days to a maximum of 40 days, although even natural health practitioners who uphold the practice would be careful to counsel against water fasting for such a long period of time.

Benefits of Water Fasting

Natural health practitioners and fasting experts will all promote water fasting as a way to purge the body of toxins, restore natural balance, and even rid yourself of tumors and cancerous cells. Those are just the physical benefits, of course. Practitioners also claim that past the 21 day mark of a fast, the mind functions with amazing clarity and acuity, because all of the body's resources are directed toward mental functions and by that point in the fast every toxin has been purged and every broken, diseased, or malfunctioning cell has been catabolized. Of course, that requires the faster to go without anything but water for a period of three weeks, which most people find daunting to say the least.

Water fasting vs. juice fasting

For long fasts, practitioners suggest starting with a juice fast before winding up to the main event of the lengthy water fast, and doing the same on the far end of the process to prepare the body to receive food again. Juice fasting is also quite popular and see the same gains as water fasting, but without the rigorous internal cleansing the water fast tends to stimulate. Juice fasts can be marked with periods of great energy during the fast as the body gets nutrients and calories from the juice which alleviate the need to break down the body's store of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats for all of its energy. On the down side, cleansing that affects even the brain and the body core probably won't take place, even on a long juice fast, because the digestive system never gets to stop working entirely.

Does water fasting really help lose weight?

Water fasting for weight loss will definitely show results, but the majority of people who embark on such a brutal course of action often find that they either lack the fortitude to get through water fasting successfully, or that the pounds they lost quickly come back after they are finished. That's because water fasting triggers the body's famine responses which includes slowing the metabolism and storing fat when food is reintroduced. Repeated fasting, like repeated dieting, can lead to overall weight gain. Rather than treating fasting as a diet solution, water fasting should be used as part of an overall lifestyle of natural medicine including a balanced diet and exercise. For body cleansing, a healthier and safer method to use is a colon cleanse. Colon cleansing products go into the body's digestive tract to flush out caked on matter and clean the inside of the body much like taking a shower cleans our outside, safely, comfortably, and reliably.

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