Can a Juice Diet Cause Weight Loss?

Juice diets of all kinds submit that eating only certain things and combining it with a juice will promote weight loss. In fact, the idea is so popular that numerous diets of this kind exist, all focused on one miracle fruit or another.

What is a juice diet?

A juice diet usually consists of a focus on some positive aspect of a fruit such as high anti-oxidants or a reputed talent for fat burning or cleansing. Juice diets should not be confused with juice fasting which advocates drinking nothing but juice as a way of cleansing the body and losing weight. Juice fasting can be dangerous and carries severe health risks, whereas many juice diets are relatively safe to use without expert supervision. Three of the most popular juice diets are the lemon juice diet, the grapefruit juice diet, and the cranberry juice diet.

Lemon juice diet

The so called lemon juice diet essentially takes a basic diet of reasonably healthy food without going to extremes, but adds lemon to the mix. The diet claims to drop weight by cleaning up difficulties in the digestive tract and creating more efficient digestion overall. Apparently, lemons can do this better than anything else. By adding lemon, both fruit, juice, and peel, to daily meals, the digestive tract cleans itself out and energy levels rise while metabolism gets a boost.

Grapefruit juice diet

The grapefruit diet mocked in Weird Al's Grapefruit diet parody doesn't actually consist of nothing but grapefruits and juice, although those are the primary ingredients. The grapefruit juice diet advocates drinking lots of grapefruit juice, some plans calling for an 8 ounce glass of unsweetened grapefruit juice with every meal. For the uninitiated, unsweetened grapefruit juice is bitter! Advocates of the plan claim that grapefruits have heretofore unproven fat burning benefits and tons of beneficial antioxidants.

Cranberry juice diet

Many cranberry juice diets aren't diets at all, but full out juice only fasts involving no other solid food whatsoever. Some less extreme diets call for meals a few times a day, often with helpings of meat at every sitting. Regardless of the specifics, all of these diets promise extreme and usually unhealthy weight loss averaging between 20 to 30 pounds per month. In addition, they promise to detox the system by cleaning out the intestinal tract with the admittedly potent cranberry juice formula.

Do juice diets really work?

For most, if not all, the juice diets provide fewer benefits or the same benefits as any normal regimen of healthy diet and exercise. Many people attempting these extreme diets fail to complete them, only succeeding in punishing their bodies, or on the other end of the scale treat the diet as a placebo when in reality it isn't the juice helping nearly as much as the improvement in diet inherent in many of the programs. No scientific proof exists to support these plans, although the fruits themselves are undoubtedly healthy in their own rights. Rather than trying these faddish diets, a real detox program using a scientifically tested colon cleansing product will do more for detoxification, if that is the goal, while encouraging weight loss. For real and lasting weight loss, a healthy diet with exercise and of a supplement or colon cleansing product will do more than any faddish diet.

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