Hula Hooping to a Smaller Waist

In 1958, hula hoops sold at a record pace leaving shelves millions at a time in one of America's biggest fads. Just months later, the craze died out, but hula hoops have been making a comeback, this time for adults.

A hula hoop, probably named after the motions of the Hawaiian hula dance, consists of a simple hoop, usually made of plastic. The children's version is light, cheap, and tends to break easily, but the current trend of hula hooping for weight loss is anything but child's play and uses a weighted hula hoop.

What is the hula hoop exercise?

A weight hula hoop is larger, heavier, and made of sterner stuff than the hula hoops made for children. Weighted hula hoops range from about 3 lbs. to 7 lbs. in adult sizes, depending on the size of the adult, although many of the hoops require some assembly. A hula hoop exercise consists of using the hoop in the traditional fashion, which requires a rotating motion with the body to keep the weighted hula hoop from falling down around your ankles.

These weighted hula hoops are both larger and heavier than any traditional hoop, so they require greater effort to use; although, they also include features like foam padding to make the work out comfortable. Weight hula hoops can cost between $20 and $80, and many varieties are available through hula hoop makers or online auction sites.

How does a hula hoop exercise work?

The hula hoop exercise works the core body muscles with the range of benefits that other similar exercises present. The main difference between hula hoop exercises and normal exercises like push ups or sit ups is the number of muscle groups exercised. The motion of the body during hula hoop exercises works every abdominal muscle and even the leg muscles, in order to keep the hula hoop from falling.

In fact, hula hoop exercises burn a lot of calories compared to other weight loss fads currently popular. Experts say that the hula hoop burns as many calories as in one minute as a running for the same period time. Even better, the hula hoop is a low impact work out, which means that the chance of injury is very slight.

Hula hoop exercise are intensive, and many find that in the first few weeks only a few minutes a day will make their torso and abdomen sore the next day. Many practitioners suggest a slow start to avoid painful soreness, which can be demotivating.

Is exercising with a hula hoop effective for weight loss?

Like any exercise program, hula hooping depends on eating fewer calories than the exerciser expends, which means that a healthy diet paired with hula hooping will accomplish far more than exercise alone.

In fact, as an exercise, it follows all the normal restrictions of weight loss efforts, meaning that even though diet and exercise together work to lose weight, a weight loss supplement can be enormously beneficial to reduce belly fat and bolster a dieter's determination during the process of establishing this new component of a lifestyle.

One excellent supplement to take during hula hoop exercises for weight loss is Raspberry Ketone Force. This natural supplement contains the proven fat-burning power of raspberry ketones and green coffee, plus chromium to boost your metabolism and green tea for energy. These benefits will help convince the body to burn fat, and help the exerciser stay motivated to exercise often.

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