The Fast Weight Loss Benefits of Green Tea

For years, we've been hearing about the numerous benefits of drinking green tea on a regular basis. Health studies have shown that green tea can assist with everything from reducing the risks of certain types of cancer to improving the health of your teeth and gums.

Now, it seems that green tea has also been proven to aid in quick weight loss. Studies have shown that a certain chemical found in green tea called catechin actually helps people burn fat, particularly in the abdominal region.

Understanding the Weight Loss Benefits of Green Tea

Dr. Reginald Cherry has been practicing medicine for over 30 years. During that time, he's written multiple best-selling books about health and faith as well as taught health through his weekly television series Doctor & The Word.

To better understand the weight loss benefits of green tea, Dr. Cherry recently explained some of the medical studies that have been performed on this subject.

He starts by explaining that those in the test group who took "625mg of a chemical called catechin (experienced) a significant weight loss after being consumed for 12 weeks in the form of green tea." Those who didn't take the catechin in green tea didn't lose nearly as much weight.

Dr. Cherry states that, in fact, "the group consuming green tea lost over twice as many pounds as the group not consuming green tea." This alone is enough for one to see that green tea has a powerful connection to weight loss. After all, both groups were taking in the same amount of calories, so the only difference was their green tea intake. And those who took the green tea saw much more impressive results than those who didn't. But this doesn't tell the full story. What's more important, Dr. Cherry notes, is where the fat was burned. He points out that those who took the green tea "lost most of their weight in the abdominal area."

Why is this important?

"Abdominal fat is unusual deposition of fat in that it revs up the metabolism, increases the risk of diabetes, contributes to metabolic syndrome where blood pressure can go up," explains Dr. Cherry. "Green tea targeted the most dangerous area of fat" More simply put, Dr. Cherry says that green tea "leads to increased rate of breakdown in the fat content." In other words, it lets you burn fat and lose weight faster.

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