Jenny Craig Diet Review

Most people have heard about Jenny Craig, even if they haven't ever dieted in their lives. Jenny Craig commercials haunt the air waves and a beautiful professionally done web site with compelling testimonials and delicious looking food makes the program look tempting. All in all, Jenny Craig is an amazing example of excellent marketing, which by my estimation has proven incredibly effective, as well.

What is Jenny Craig?

Jenny Craig is the name of one of the two founders of the weight loss company. Nowadays, Jenny Craig is the multi-million dollar weight management front of Nestle Nutrition, part of the same company which makes a variety of candy bars. More the point, perhaps, Jenny Craig is one of the largest competitive name brands for weight loss and management with a large presence on TV and the internet appealing to millions of overweight Americans and Canadians. They also make use of celebrity spokes models to showcase the results of the Jenny Craig program.

How does Jenny Craig work?

Jenny Craig gives the dieter a direct contact with whom they communicate throughout the ten week initial weight loss period. This consultant helps with maintaining enthusiasm and reaching goals, as well as program criteria such as meal menus, etc. Additionally, Jenny Craig's newest approach focuses on a buzz word they've created called volumetrics. Volumetrics essentially means eating high fiber, high water content fruits and vegetables so that the stomach feels up making the eater feel full, without loading up on calories. It's like the reverse of someone who wants to gain weight choosing to eat high density, high protein foods like nuts.

Jenny Craig cost

The cost of the program, as advertised, is $20 for the first ten weeks, which purportedly will net 20 pounds of weight loss. Obviously, continuing with Jenny Craig costs more, and that price doesn't include the price of foods, which you order from Jenny Craig, usually. Food for a single person on the Jenny Craig diet reportedly costs $90 or more per week. Joining Jenny Craig on a more permanent basis costs about $300.

Does Jenny Craig work?

Like most diets, Jenny Craig puts the “results not typical” marker on everything due to legal requirement, but they have to say it because it's true. What you really pay for with Jenny Craig is someone to stand over your shoulder and make sure you're being good and rake you over the coals if you aren't. That's not to say that Jenny Craig doesn't work. If you stick with Jenny Craig (or a healthy diet) and exercise, then most likely you will lose weight, unless you have some contributing problem. Whether you will lose as much weight as you would like is another story.

Proven weight loss supplements

Rather than “$20 for 20 pounds plus the cost of food” take the money and buy some healthy food, eat it, and start exercising regularly. Better yet, get a diet supplement. Some diet supplements using natural ingredients include Acai and Hoodia Gordonii, both of which help to ease the process of weight loss. Acai berry contains a host of beneficial vitamins that the body needs and many note that they feel more energetic when taking it. Hoodia Gordonii represses appetite so that between meal cravings and finishing meals still hungry can become a thing of the past.

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