South Beach Diet Review

Although their morals and family probably aren't things we want to mimic, the physical fitness of celebrities most often makes the average American look fat and ugly. That might be one reason why the South Beach Diet has become so popular since it was created by California doctor Arthur Agatston. Taken up by a number of celebrities to help them shed pounds, the diet was introduced to the public in a book of the same name that made the best sellers list. The principles behind the South Beach Diet promise weight loss and satiety for anyone willing to follow it.

What is the South Beach diet?

The South Beach Diet at first looks similar to low carb diets, and in some ways it certainly is, such as the emphasis it places on meat and cutting out so called bad carbs like processed flours and sugars. On the other hand, the South Beach Diet differs from other low carb diets such as the Atkins diet by promoting good carbs found in fruits and vegetables. That's because the South Beach Diet doesn't aim to reduce weight by limiting carb intake, that result is secondary.

South Beach diet plan

The goal of the South Beach Diet is to create a feeling of contentment in the eater that eliminates constant snacking, binging, and other addictive eating habits. It does this by applying food science research which shows greater satiation in subjects who eat meats and lower satiation in subjects on carbohydrate diets. In other words, research shows that people eating carbohydrates get hungry sooner, and eat more given the option. At the same time, people eating meats and proteins actually end up feeling less hungry and eating less over time periods of more than a day after the meal. That actually begins to make sense of the idea of eating things like bacon and eggs which have high fat and protein content.

South Beach diet cost

The recipes on the South Beach Diet menu appear to be rather expensive. Some examples include steak or Mahi Mahi, both of which cost more than most can afford to spend for a single meal. The program materials cost nothing for the first week and $5 per week thereafter. Still, the cost of food on their menus can be much higher than you usually spend.

Does the South Beach diet work?

The South Beach Diet appears to go beyond the fad diets of the day and actually present a formula backed by scientific research; however, like all diets, the South Beach Diet ultimately follows the same principle of healthy diet and exercise, and for the privilege of doing it their way the customer pays $5 per week not counting food costs. What diets like this would rather the customer never noticed is that doing the diet with a decent recipe book, some common sense, and some internet research isn't hard to accomplish.

South Beach diet alternative

One alternative to altering the food you eat comes in the form of the Hoodia Gordonii herbal supplement. Hoodia Gordonii comes from Africa where native tribes used it for centuries to suppress the pangs of hunger during times of famine, which were common. The Hoodia Gordonii supplement interrupts the brains signals of hunger to the body causing longer lasting feelings of satiation or curbing hunger sensations. By taking the supplement customers have found that they simply desire to eat less, thus shedding pounds.

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