Atkins Diet Review

Most people thinking to diet have heard about the Atkins Diet. Dr. Atkins developed the diet in 1972 and spent the greater part of his life promulgating his ideas. Although the diet gained some acceptance during his life, the Atkins Diet faced and continues to face repeated attacks due to the fact that the diet ignores scientifically proven food doctrine, such as eating fruits and vegetables and drinking dairy.

What is the Atkins Diet?

The Atkins Diet is one of the premier low carb diets available on the market today. The diet calls for high unlimited consumption of meat, butter, eggs, and other high protein and often high fat foods. Interestingly enough, the diet has no overhead. There is a book and some diet supplements like energy bars and shakes, but the diet requires none of those things to be effective. All the aspiring Atkins initiate needs to do is buy the right foods and conform to the menu offered on the Atkins website, which contains all of the basics of the diet.

How does the Atkins Diet work?

The Atkins Diet claims that when the body has no ready source of carbohydrates it will burn fat instead, but that the burning of fat requires more calories to perform, and so tends to cause rapid weight loss. Whether this is entirely true or not has yet to be proven, but many people can claim to have lost weight using the Atkins Diet and following the rules of the low carb diet. Atkins Diet weight loss happens, but is that really a good thing?

Atkins Diet drawbacks

The largest complaint by professionals, doctors, and common people is that the Atkins Diet just can't be healthy. The carbohydrates cut out by the Atkins Diet weight loss plan include vegetables, which have been proven to aid in the continuing health and function of the body, and fruits, many of which help to prevent heart disease and other degenerative conditions. Not to mention the simple problem of vitamins. The foods of the Atkins Diet tend to fall into the meat group, which makes many of the essentially vitamins necessary to life difficult to obtain.

Does the Atkins Diet work?

The Atkins Diet weight loss program does lead to significant and sometimes rapid weight loss, whatever else might be said about the program. However, many find that cutting out cookies, cake, bread, muffins, bagels, fruits, and vegetables from their diet gets really old in a hurry. What's more, even once the weight is gone, the Atkins Diet promotes a maintenance phase which while allowing a few carbohydrates, still requires most people to cut their carbohydrate intake nearly in half for the rest of their lives. Most people simply don't stick with it.

Proven weight loss supplements

Rather than embarking on the difficult and possibly dangerous Atkins Diet, why not choose a safer alternative. A healthy diet and exercise coupled with an appropriate dietary supplement can cause weight loss too, and in a much safer fashion. One important step in dieting is getting rid of left over toxins and waste in the body. Toxins in the blood originating in the colon can encourage the body to put on fat to form a buffer between organs. By flushing the colon with a colon cleansing product you can feel better and finally start losing weight.

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